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Why UFO LED High Bay Is Makes For An Ideal Warehouse Light Fixture?

UFO LED High Bay Lights
UFO LED High Bay Lights
UFO LED High Bay Lights
UFO LED High Bay Lights

If you own a factory, gym, warehouse, garage, supermarket or any other setting where the need for direct ‘overhead lighting’ is the need of the hour so as to work out the deeper details in tasks involved, UFO LED high bay light should be your choice. But, that’s not the only reason why this light fixture makes for a better choice over the traditional metal halide light fixture. The UFO LED high bay shaped in the form of a flying saucer is heavy-duty, industrial and commercial-grade  light fixture that eliminates heat by a method different from metal-halides so as to have low-maintenance and achieve highest operational efficiency. A perfect fit for industrial or commercial premises with ceiling heights of 15ft and above, the UFO LED high bay provides the user with multiple benefits and this blog just about that.

Before we get into the advantages of UFO LED high bay, it’s important to discern between this and LED linear high bay. To make things clear and easy, choose LED linear high bay only when you have a task area with ceiling heights of maximum up to 15ft and for the light beam to illuminate the area in rectangular fashion and not circular.

Let’s now get straight into the advantages of UFO LED high bay.

UFO LED High Bay Light - The Advantages That Makes It Distinguishable  

Directional Lighting

The UFO LED high bay unlike the conventional metal-halides does not need reflectors to enable omni-directional light beam directional. By utilizing the right optics, UFO LED high bay not just prvides for right kind of light distribution but also reduces the chance of any waste of light. The light beam with 120 degree covers only those areas where most lighting is needed. With no separate reflector required, UFO high bay is not only easy to transport but also easy to install -- a convenience not available when choosing metal-halides.   

ufo led lights

Choice of More Than One CCT

Not all the time a professional user of light fixtures pays attention to the Correlated Color Temperature and which wouldn’t be the right thing to do as temperature rating indicates what hue or tone of white light is being emitted from the light source. Knowing the CCT of UFO LED high bay also allows you to easily differentiate the light beam from the conventional metal-halides. The UFO LED high bay being available in 4000K (natural white) or 5700K (daywhite) provides you with a better light color than what you could get from metal-halide.


If UFO LED high bay is built to last for a minimum of 50,000 hours, it only means, you are not going to be bothered for your next 5 years and may be more. This is because  unlike metal-halide lights, UFO LED high bay do not lose out on its lumens, even if it does, the loss is not more than 5% near the end of lifespan. This brings a straight cut in your relamping cost. You also don’t need to change the ballasts as you would have done in case of any conventional light fixture. So, the hassle of maintaining the ballast and changing it gets eliminated.


A 400W metal-halide light fixture when replaced by 100W UFO LED high bay can provide with you on an average 75% savings in energy. The exact savings can be calculated by multiplying the wattage of UFO LED high bay by the total number of hours you are using the lights for on a daily basis and then divide by 1000. What you get finally should be mutiplied by the local KWh rate of the energy. You can repeat this process for both UFO LED high bay and metal-halide ancheck for yourself how much you can save.

In Conclusion

With those advantages, UFO LED high bay can not simply be resisted unless you are keen on having a low-priced light fixture. For details on UFO LED high bay with different specifications to sut your individual needs, don’t forget to visit LEDMyPlace.  

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