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UFO LED High Bay Light - The Know-It-All Guide For Ideal Warehouse Lighting

UFO LED High Bay Lights
UFO LED High Bay Lights
UFO LED High Bay Lights
UFO LED High Bay Lights

As an industrial or commercial business user, buying and installing good quality UFO LED high bay with all the necessary features is not enough. You need to do a bit of pre-purchase preparation in order to know what kind would exactly suit your application. That is -- too bright a light for too small an application area would not only cause glare and disrupt the activity of workers but also result in waste of energy. Similarly, lights with less number of lumens (or brightness) for a big area will lead you to installing more number of UFO LED high bays and consequently high upfront investment.

In this blog, I deal with the considerations that go into purchasing the right kind of UFO LED high bay light.  

The Layout and The Lux Requirement   

The total amount of lux or lumens per square meter will depend on the size and the arrangement of your warehouse. The warehouse smaller in size may just require 200-250 lux whereas the same being huge in size wouldn’t require any less than 500 or 1000 lux. For best results, do undertake a photometric analysis.

The Height of Ceiling

The height of ceilings is particularly important, when choosing UFO LED high bay as an ‘overhead light’. If you choose to install UFO LED high bay with less number of lumens or brightness on too high a ceiling, the outcome of such installation will be poor.

UFO LED High Bay Lights

By contrast, if too low a ceiling and installing too bright a UFO LED high bay will lead to disruption in activities of workers. For warehouse with ceiling heights in the range of 15ft and above, UFO LED high bay with 15,000 lumens is appropriate. Similarly, for 20ft, UFO high bay with 20,000 lumens would be good enough.

The Spacing Between Different UFO LED High Bays

For ceiling heights of 15ft and above, it is recommended that a spacing of 12ft horizontally is maintained between two UFO LED high bay lights. And, the ceiling height is 20ft and above, a distance of 15ft must be maintained between the two light fixtures.  

Area in Consideration

It is important to know and understand that if the area in your warehouse is dedicated to storage or areas where overhead light like UFO LED high bay won’t work, then UFO LED high bay wouldn’t be as suitable as LED linear high bays. If your purpose is to illuminate the racks and aisles, you should opt for LED linear aisle lights or as its substitute, LED linear high bays can be used. And, this is because the light beam emitted through linear high bay and aisle light is narrow with beam angle less than that of UFO LED high bay. All in all, UFO LED high bay must be used in central area dedicated to major tasks and workstations.


If the considerations mentioned here are taken care of, you can find for yourself the perfect kind of LED UFO high bay.

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