Washroom Is The Last Place You Decorate, Make It The First

Washroom Is The Last Place You Decorate, Make It The First

When we talk about washrooms, ‘decoration’ is not exactly the thought that comes to our minds. As far-fetched as it may sound, but there are decorative mirrors that are available for your washroom. 

LED Vanity mirrors, a perfect piece for you to adore yourself in the mirror during these morning routines where you wake up all frizzed up and the routine in front of the mirror transforms you in a beautiful person.  

Highly energy-efficient and feature-laden, these mirrors are as beautiful as they are productive in your household. Vanity mirrors not just add a luxury factor in your home but are also highly useful when it comes to it.

Let us look at the main features of these LED vanity mirrors 

  • Energy efficient: Using LED technology these vanity mirrors are highly energy efficient because LEDs convert 95% of the electricity consumed into light and only 5% of the light is converted into heat. This results in high savings on your utility bills. 

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    This is also better for the environment because using much less electricity, these lights do not contribute much in the energy production using fossil fuels thus resulting in a reduction of greenhouse gases. 

    • In-built defogger: LED vanity mirrors have an in-built defogger that removes the fog automatically and you won't have to bother cleaning your mirror each and every time fog is built up on it.
    • High CRI: Vanity mirrors have a high color rendering index which means that the colors rendered by the lights in the vanity mirrors are close to the colors as visible in daylight. 
    • Various color temperatures: LED vanity mirrors come in various color temperatures so that you can check how you would look under different lighting conditions.
    • CCT Remembrance: The LED vanity mirror has the capacity to remember which color temperature you used last time so that you will not have to set it each time manually.
    • Long lifespan: The lifespan of these vanity mirrors is 50,000 hours (unless you break the mirror) which means that for 5.7 years LED lights in the vanity mirror will go without the need for maintenance or replacements.     
    • Waterproof (obviously): These mirrors are IP65 rated which means that these vanity mirrors are waterproof and will not get damaged if you pour water on the mirror intentionally. 
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