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Why LED Emergency Exit Sign Is A Must For Dealing With Exigencies?

Why LED Emergency Exit Sign Is A Must For Dealing With Exigencies?
Why LED Emergency Exit Sign Is A Must For Dealing With Exigencies?
Why LED Emergency Exit Sign Is A Must For Dealing With Exigencies?
Why LED Emergency Exit Sign Is A Must For Dealing With Exigencies?

Come to think of it and you might get reminded of the attack on the World Trade Center when the survivors of the 9/11 terrorist attacks were heard telling the Commission investigators about the ‘funny glowing green stuff’ that they followed to find their way out to safety. But this is good enough proof of how poor and failed lighting can cause evacuees to panic and stumble in the first place. And, also that if an LED emergency exit sign is in place, it must be fully charged to work during an emergency evacuation. That said, the current trends call for having LED emergency exit signs that can not only save lives but those that can save money with less maintenance needed.

This blog focuses on the prospects of using LED exit sign instead of the traditional incandescent and fluorescent light emergency systems that are yet in place, especially if it was an old, dilapidated building.  

Top 5 Reasons You Must Consider Installing LED Emergency Exit Sign  

The following reasons should explain why you should make a conscious effort to consider purchasing and installing LED emergency exit signs.

Agency’s Requirement For Emergency Lighting

With OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), NFPA (National Fire Protection Administration) and few more agencies governing the emergency lighting sign requirements, it has been stipulated that every exit route in any industrial or commercial building must have sufficient light so that workers or visitors can clearly see the exit route when the exit sign must be marked by a sign -- EXIT. To this extent, it really cannot get better than an LED emergency exit sign that can emit powerful light.

Better Visibility

Over the last few years, the lighting designers have worked on bringing the best out of any exit sign. We now have LED emergency exit signs that if placed far from you can easily be visible and sufficiently illuminate an area for you to exit easily during emergency. Also, since LEDs come with the best kind of drivers, optics and even batteries, there can not be a better choice.


Unlike the traditional emergency lights, LED emergency exit sign gets you rid of any maintenance or replacement issue for as long as it lasts. Since LED-based lights have built-in dedicated drivers and often premium LED chips, you hardly face any operation or maintenance issue. At most, you will need annual maintenance to be on the safer side. With minimal maintenance needed, your costs get cut down by maximum. Also, the energy savings you get out of it is far more than what you can save from the traditional exit signs.  

Robust Design

Most LED exit signs you will come across have the robust design so that they can be used even in high danger environments such as mining, oil, etc. The absence of any breakable material in their design allows for resistance to external tampering, shock, vibration or damage.   

Excellent Battery Backup

Some of the best-LED exit signs utilize a 1000mAh nickel-cadmium batteries for them to be operative during exigencies, while consuming only 1.2 watts of power.  The batteries are powerful enough to stay in operation for as long as 90 minutes after the power failure.

In Conclusion

Those reasons should be enough to get you prepared for any kind of disaster such as fire-break, missile attack or tornado. You must also take note of the mounting configuration while purchasing any LED emergency exit sign as that plays a vital role in the correct positioning of emergency exit signs.  

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