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translation missing: en.collections.general.collection_label: 8FT LED Tube Light Fixture (Shop Lighting/Garage Lighting)

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translation missing: en.collections.general.collection_label: 8FT LED Tube Light Fixture (Shop Lighting/Garage Lighting)

The 8ft LED Tube Lights are an ideal commercial lighting fixture for shops, garages, factories, hospitals, hotels, etcetera. The 8ft LED tube light fixture can help you save on your power consumption bills. The 8ft LED bulbs are the perfect upgrade for indoor lighting purposes, as they have a better illumination effect. Furthermore, the lights are RoHS, ETL, and DLC-certified.

7 products

7 products

About 8FT LED Tube Light Fixture (Shop Lighting/Garage Lighting)

Easily installed the 8 foot LED tube lights for and get varieties of single pin and R17 base LED tube lights for best illumination in wider indoor spaces like garages and parking lots.

8FT T8 LED tubes are the longest in length, therefore, they provide the maximum lightning out of all three sizes available. Being the brightest LED out there, an 8ft LED is used in places where heavy lighting is required. 

Usually, the 8 ft tube is available in T8 size meaning that the size of the diameter of the tube is 1 inch. 

These tubes can also be adequately used as LED Shop Light because of the high CRI that these light have.

The 8 ft. LED tube is available in two wattage options which are:

  • 40 watt which replaces a 100-watt fluorescent tube  
  • 48 watt which is a suitable replacement for a 120-watt fluorescent tube

In these two wattages, there are many different color temperatures to choose from ranging from 4000 Kelvin to 6500 Kelvin. 

These 8ft LED garage-shop lights come in two different types of bases

  • Single pin: A single pin LED tube is the one that has just one pin at each end of the tube. Not to be confused with single-ended which has terminals on just one end of the tube. But the single pin base has one single pin at each end. 

  • R17 base: This is a special type of base available in tube lights and is distinct in looks and applications. 

  • These 8 ft LED tube lights don't require a ballast for operation and you will either have to remove the ballast or bypass it in your old fixture to use this tube. Find more information on how to bypass a ballast here

    Advantages of using 8 ft. T8 LED tubes

  • Energy-Efficient: LED tubes convert more than 95% of the energy consumed into light thus wasting only 5% of the electricity as heat. This makes LED tubes highly energy efficient. 

  • Now just energy-efficient, this also makes LED tubes eco-friendly because with every LED tube installed, the energy demanded from the grid decreases on account of increased efficiency. This, in turn, results in a reduction in the emission of greenhouse gases reducing the carbon footprint of the planet.  

  • High CRI: LED tubes have a high color rendering index which is a measure of the light’s color rendering abilities. LED tubes usually have a CRI of more than 80. This means that the colors rendered by LED tubes are 80% accurate as compared to daylight. 

  • Long-lasting: Unlike fluorescent tubes, LED tubes have a long life. Tested to last for more than 50.000 hours, you can be relaxed about the life of your tube for more than half a decade.