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translation missing: en.collections.general.collection_label: 4FT LED Tube Light Fixture | 4FT LED Bulbs

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translation missing: en.collections.general.collection_label: 4FT LED Tube Light Fixture | 4FT LED Bulbs

LEDMyPlace offers its best-selling 4FT LED Tube Light collection, eligible for both residential and commercial indoors. Get hybrid, ballast compatible, integrated, and ballast bypass 4ft LED bulbs in clear and frosted glass options. Shop for ETL, RoHS, DLC, and UL-listed 4ft LED tube light with a longer lifespan. Furthermore, these 4ft LED tubes do not ask for a high maintenance cost

26 products

26 products

About 4FT LED Tube Light Fixture | 4FT LED Bulbs

Buy the best quality 4 foot LED tube lights from LEDMyplace to have a better indoor lighting experience at a low price. These UL and DLC-certified LED tube lights are the guaranteed and energy-efficient replacement of fluorescent tubes.

When you need a certain smaller size of tube, but at the same time packing a luminous punch, the T8 4FT LED tube light becomes the perfect choice. Having the ideal size for a small installation, the T8 4FT LED tube lights is a great example of how size does not matter. 

The T8 4FT tube is an ideal fixture for your residential or commercial application. The tube skillfully replaces the 4FT fluorescent lights and gives an unmatched advantage over its predecessor.  

Most T8 4FT LED tube has a single-ended base which means that the tube draws power from one end only where both live and neutral terminals are situated. The other end of the tube is only for support. More information about single-ended or dual-ended LED tubes can be found here.

Further, Ballast is compatible with some T8 4FT LED Bulbs whereas it is not compatible with some. Ballast is a component that was used by a fluorescent tube to start. It used to be an essential component of the tube light fixture. 

In case the LED tube supports a ballast, the tube can be simply installed. But if the tube does not support a ballast, then the ballast will have to be either removed or be bypassed. Further information on how to bypass a ballast can be found here

Types of 4 foot LED Bulbs

There are three kinds of 4 foot LED tube lights available: Ballast Compatible, Ballast Bypass, and Hybrid. The simplest to mount is compatible with Ballast. Make sure that the compatibility of the ballast is tested to ensure that the ballast is compatible. As the name suggests, Ballast Bypass is the removal of the Tube lights from the Ballast. This decreases the treatment of the ballast. These fixtures are available in single-ended and double-ended models as well. Does the query now arise as to what is single and double-ended? Single-ended fixtures only require power at one end, and power at both ends is required for double-ended fixtures. The third is the Hybrid, which is a mixture of Ballast and Ballast Bypass compatibility.

Let’s understand this a bit more and binge into it:

  1.   Ballast Compatible

The simplest and fastest way to choose LED fixtures that will offer more quality and energy-efficient lighting is Ballast Compatible. You can easily remove your fluorescent tube and insert it into the newly purchased LED fixture by selecting a ballast compatible tube for your fixture.

But there are several drawbacks associated with Compatible Tubes for Ballast:

  • The ballast can fail and you will not be able to use your tube after that.
  • The ballast requires some energy to work, making it excessively expensive and less energy-efficient.
  1.   Ballast Bypass

Ballast Bypass is the most trustworthy and promising solution you will take with you in the future. By bypassing the ballast, you will save the excessive wattage used by the ballast, and if the ballast fails, you will not have to rewire the tube.

If we speak directly, you can save 43 kWh per tube per annum by bypassing the ballast. If you use tubes on a large scale, it is possible to save 1000+ kWh of electricity.

Bypassing a ballast is a fairly easy operation, but we suggest a licensed electrician before doing any wiring-related work.

  1.   Hybrid

As it works for both types of installations, the hybrid option is the most versatile to choose. This means that you can either opt to mount the tube with or without the ballast. In other words, even after the ballast fails, you can use the pipe.

Tips for choosing 4 Foot LED tube light

When picking your 4ft t8 LED bulbs, make sure to look at the color temperature and the ratings and certifications. The temperature of the color represents the light color and is measured in Kelvin. 4ft LED Tube light in the Kelvin range of 3000 to 3500 create a friendly environment suitable for lobbies and waiting areas. In offices, schools, hospitals, and warehouses, 4000 to 5000 Kelvin tubes can help minimize eye strain and improve visibility. Ratings and certifications reflect the kinds of situations in which the tubes can be used safely. Tubes rated for dry areas can only be used indoors where the tubes do not contact water or humidity.

Advantages of using T8 4 Foot LED tube 

Energy-efficiency: The biggest advantage perhaps of using LED products, efficiency of these tubes is off the charts. LED tubes convert 95% of the electricity into light and only 5% of the electricity is wasted as heat. This translates into a highly energy-efficient tube light that replaces a higher power fluorescent light. 

This also brings good news for the environment as when less electricity is consumed to give the same amount of brightness, less fossil-fuels are burnt and fewer greenhouse gases are released. 

Long-lasting: The LED tube lights 4 foot have a long life and last for more than 50,000 hours which means that once you install these LED tubes you won't have to worry about replacement or maintenance for at least half a year. 

High CRI: The CRI or the color rendering index measures how accurately a light renders colors in comparison to an ideal light source such as the sunlight. The CRI of T8 4FT LED tubes is more than 80 which means that the colors rendered by this light are 80% accurate as compared to daylight. 

Some main Technical contemplation

Types of Connections

  • Single Ended

One pin attaches to the line and one to the neutral, electrically attached from one end of the tube. Non-shunted sockets and rewiring are required for this type.

  • Double-Ended

On both ends of the tube, with one end leading to the line and one to the neutral, electrically attached. This form may use sockets that are shunted or non-shunted. As they replace the original bulbs, one end of the tube connects to L and the opposite end to N. One end should not be connected to both.

Compatibility of Ballast

  • Ballast In-Line

Installation of Dual-End Type A is "Plug and Play" and essentially replaces the original fluorescent tube with an identical LED, requiring the original ballast to be used. If you have already decided that your ballast is working properly, this is the best solution for re-lamping your fixture.

  • Ballast Bypassing

Single-End Type B installation requires bypassing the original ballast and rewiring sockets (tombstones) in the fixture. This is a popular solution when re-lamping due to the likelihood of an eventual ballast failure.

Wiring of Socket

  • Shunted

Both contacts are linked/bridged in the same socket (tombstone) and have the same polarity-either L or N. Connecting the two pins of a shunted socket will generate a light ring in the voltage meter that represents electricity flow. 

  • Non-shunted

Contacts in the same socket (tombstone) are split but can be either the same polarity or opposing polarity, depending on how the socket is wired. Direct wire-led tubes use a non-shunted tombstone as a thumb rule. In the case of a T8 substitute, bypassing the ballast might be necessary, making it mandatory to use a non-shunted tombstone.

Still, if you are confused about choosing the right tombstone, you can prefer our Tombstone guide.