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About Arena Lights

LED arena lights are lights that have many considerations that are generally not visible in plain sight. Arena lighting is expensive and complicated. In the past and up to an extent in the present time as well, HIDs have been used extensively. 

A metal halide of 1500 watts has an excellent performance in terms of light output and a CRI of more than 65, which means that they offer great colors, very close to colors rendered in the daylight. 

These were cheap horse arena lighting, but LED arena lighting has replaced these lights. They provide the same amount of lumens, with one-third of the power consumption of halides. These lights are used in rodeo arena lighting, Horse Arena Lighting, and indoor horse arena lighting. 

Types Of Arena Lighting

Arena lighting is of three types

High Bay Lights: High-bay lights are used to illuminate spaces with high ceilings. These lights are installed at the ceilings with a height ranging from 20 feet to 45 feet. There are two types of High Bay LED lights- 

  • UFO High Bay Lights: This warehouse lighting fixture got this name because it resembles a UFO in shape. They are good at lighting areas circular in shape. They are suspended from the ceiling using a hook and a chain. Thanks to the shape it has, it is weight is divided uniformly, and less pressure is on the hook. 
  • Linear High Bay Lights: Linear high bay lights are rectangular in shape. They are suspended through ceilings using two chains, each of the two ends of the structure. This kind of structuring gives the structure perfect balance and enough strength to stay intact for a long time. 

LED floodlights: LED floodlights give out high-intensity broad beams of lights. It is used to illuminate outdoor areas like playing fields. This is used in low light situations, especially in playing fields, while a sports event is happening in the low light situation,

LED wall-packs: These are wall-mounted lights, installed vertically and used to illuminate entrances, pathways, and walkways. These lights provide grazing effects and usually illuminate building perimeters and provide security lighting as well. 

Advantages of Arena Lighting

  1. LEDs are brighter hence safer: LED outdoor arena lights are a replacement of old lighting tech, and bright LEDs keep indoor and outdoor arenas safe. These lights also suitable for indoor arena led lighting. When used as Horse Arena Lighting, these lights have been found to keep animals like horses happy. This feature makes them ideal led lights for horse riding.
  1. Energy And Money Saving Lights For Horse Arena: These lights here are known as led horse arena lights, and they save a whole lot of money by saving 75% electricity compared to HPS and HIDs. 
  1. Flicker-free hence fewer distractions: Horse racing is a game full of actions. These sports are covered extensively by photographers, so flickering can offer a lousy viewing experience for both cameras and television. 
4. Glare-free Lighting for comfort of eyes: These LED lights come with a UGR of less than 19, which means that the glare is minimum.