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Collection: LED Modules for Signs

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About LED Modules for Signs

Giving a unique look to your store, LED modules for signs add to the beauty of your storefront signage. These modules are unique and add depth to the channel letters in your signage. Having multiple features these letter lights redraw the look of your store while not burning a hole through your pocket. 

These LED modules add a dynamic and vibrant punch to your display while being eco-friendly and cost-effective. Huge plus for your business, these modules are also suitable for backlighting any printed display. These are available in various colors such as RGB Modules, White Modules and in individual colors such as Red, Green, and Blue. 

What are the features of LED modules for signs

Powered by SMD 2835 chip: These chips are much more efficient than their earlier variants and are quite powerful. SMD refers to ‘surface mount device’, the LED chip and the number denotes the dimension of the LED chip, 2.8mmX3.5mm in this case. 

IP65 rated: These LED modules for signs are IP65 rated which means that these devices are suitable for application 9in dusty, moist and wet conditions, making them useful in outdoor areas. 

Special optics lens: The lens of these modules is specially manufactured to provide for even lighting and completely eliminates dark spots from the light for and clear and crisp lighting. 

75+ CRI: These LED modules have a great color rendering index of more than 75 which means that the colors rendered by these lights are accurate in comparison with an ideal source of light6 such as daylight. 

160 Degree beam angle: The beam angle of these lights is more than 160 degrees which ensures complete coverage of light on a horizontal platform. 

50,000 hours life: The life of these LED modules is more than 50,000 hours which means that the modules will last for more than 5.7 years even if used for 24 hours of the day. 

High energy efficiency: LED module for signs have an amazing energy efficiency and convert 95% of the electricity consumed into light while losing just 5% of the energy as heat. This also means that these lights are highly eco-friendly.