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Translation missing: en.collections.general.collection_label: RGB Color Changing LED Strip Light

RGB Color Changing LED Strip Light is a versatile decorative lighting element for indoors and outdoors. You can use these lights for porch lighting, home theater lighting, garden lighting, under cabinet lighting, deck lighting, etcetera. These lights are available with a control switch that help you manage their effect. Furthermore, the lights have a tape backside, making them easy to stick on a flat surface. At LEDMyPlace, get the RGB LED strip light kit with an RGB controller, power supply, and connector.

16 products

16 products

About RGB Color Changing LED Strip Light

Our RGB and multi-color LED strip light allows customers to have full control over the color of their lighting. With three or more LEDs on each node, users can seamlessly blend colors to achieve the perfect hue. Color-changing LED lighting has the power to completely transform a lifeless room into an inspiring statement. Use your imagination and choose your desired color to set the mood.

"Happiness can be found in the darkest of times when one only remembers to turn on the light." in the spirit of joy, a little color won't hurt your pocket. Get ornamented RGB LED Strip Lights for your residential and commercial decorations. LEDMyplace brings the weatherproof LED strip Lights in the hues of Red, Green, and Blue

The additional purchase of color-changing lights may seem an extravaganza; however, the lights energy-efficiency technology will make up for the initial investment.   

  •  How do RGB LED Strip Lights Work?

The RGB is a combination of three LEDs in a pack of one, helping the user to generate any color by combining those three colors. 

There are two kinds of RGB LEDs; Common Anode LED and Common Cathode LED. In a Common Cathode LED, all three LEDs share a negative connection. And in the Common Anode RGB LED, the three LEDs share a positive connection. 

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  •  How to create different colors with multi-color LED Tape Lights

With an RGB LED, you can produce red, green, and blue light by configuring each LED's intensity. 

If you are decorating for a theme party and thinking of "Blue," all you have to do is adjust the blue LED to the highest intensity and the green LEDs to the lowest. Make sure to keep your "Blue Lagoon" recipe on edge. 

What else? Try Mixing Colors! 

To produce other colors, you can combine the three colors in different intensities. To adjust each LED's intensity, you can use a Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Signals; it is a method for generating an analog signal using a digital source. 

LEDs produce different colors by using materials that produce photons at different wavelengths. Those individual wavelengths appear like the light of different colors. 

RGBW LED Strips wavelength and colors explained

To understand color wavelengths, we have to first know about the visible light. What is this Visible Light? A Visible Light is a term that is applied to color wavelengths, as seen by the naked eye. 

Our eyes can read colors from approximately (400-700) nm (nanometer), and these colors fall on narrow wavelength bands that we perceive as primary colors, red, green, yellow, blue, indigo, and violet. 

Light wavelengths that we can perceive:

  • Violet: (380- 450 nm) at (688-789 THz frequency)
  • Blue: (450-495 nm)
  • Green: ( 495- 570 nm)
  • Yellow: (570- 590 nm)
  • Orange: (590-620 nm)
  • Red: (620-750 nm) at (400- 484 THz frequency)

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Features Explained Color-Changing LED Strip Lights

 IP54/IP65 LED Strip Rating explained

  • IP54: (Splash-proof and limited dustproof) This Ingress Protection rating resists dust, which is useful in preventing the product from operating normally, but not dust-tight. The product is fully protected against solid objects and water splashing from any angle (no immersion). 
  • IP65: (Waterproof and dustproof) No Ingress of dust; complete protection against contact. Protected from low-pressure water jets from any direction (no immersion)
  • IP68: (Waterproof & Immersion of more than 1m) No ingress of dust, complete protection against contact. It is protected from long term immersion up to a specified pressure. 

 12V vs. 24V LED Strip Lights

Purchasing of lights and especially for home decor is a very personal and emotional journey. Therefore, choosing the right one becomes a necessity; however, one should consider the lights' voltage requirement. Various applications need to run off a very particular power supply. 

The 24V LED Strips performs satisfactorily well and can be used for residential and office environments. These lights are capable of maintaining high brightness even in the event of voltage drop. 

When it comes to selecting 12V LED Strips and power supplies, it is advised that these be used for smaller installations, such as vehicles or other applications. For something like a car-where only 2m of the strip may be required, a voltage drop in a 12V strip won't be noticeable. 

 RGBW Dimming

For dimming RGBW strips, you won't need a main dimmable driver; because the dimming is done through an RGBW Controller/ Strip Dimmer, in addition to remote control. 

What is the difference between RGBW Strips, RGB LED Strips, and Tunable White Lights

When you are running to choose between RGBW Strips, RGB LED Strips, and Tunable White lights, it is natural to lose your mind researching the differences, contrasting prices, and usability. 

RGB LED Strips utilize a 3-in-1 Chip, which houses a red, green, and blue LED Chip. These LED Strips can produce multiple colors, and when combining all three chips, they can allow for a white channel. 

For all those party enthusiasts who want to have more control over their LED Lighting, the RGBW LED Strips feature a 4-in-1 chip comprised of a red, green, blue, and white chip. These lights offer versatile lighting options. Not only can you create more exciting color mixes, but the pure white channels come in warm, cool, and natural options. 

Tunable White lights can control a light source's color temperature output. It is also referred to as variable white, dim to white, hybrid white.