Backlit vs. Lighted Mirrors: What's the Difference?

Backlit vs. Lighted Mirrors: What's the Difference?

The positioning of the LEDs in the mirror is the main difference between backlit and lighted mirrors. Light bulbs are installed behind the mirror in backlit mirrors. Lighted mirrors, on the other hand, are built with bulbs either on top of or beneath the surface of the glass.

Though, this isn't the only distinction between these two types of lit mirrors. To further comprehend these contrasts, we must first consider their similarities.

What Are the Similarities Between Backlit and Lighted Mirrors?

They both have lights that run on electricity and can also have the same lighting effect, characteristics, features, and aesthetic functions. To understand better, take a closer look at these similarities:

Use of LEDs

Both are LED mirrors, and LEDs (Light-emitting diodes) are used in both backlit and lighted mirrors. These LED bulbs are responsible for the illumination of these mirrors.


The lights in backlit and lighted mirrors are both powered by electricity to work. This means that both lit mirrors must be connected to an electrical power source for the lights to work.

However, it should be noted that both mirror types can be utilized even if they are not linked to a power source. In this case, they'd just look like conventional mirrors.

Effects of Lighting

Backlit and lighted mirrors both provide enough lighting for grooming operations by illuminating the face with a diffuse, even light. These mirrors emit a mellow illumination that is both modest and sufficient. It's bright enough for a well-lit reflection but not so bright that sharp shadows fall across the face.


LED mirrors of various varieties may have comparable qualities. A defogging or demisting function, dimmable lights, motion or touch sensors, color temperature modification settings, and even Bluetooth connectivity are just a few of the features available.


LED-lit mirrors serve the same practical purposes, the most important of which is uniformly lighting the front of your face while you look in the mirror. Backlit and lighted mirrors both give the soothing, even front lighting required for a successful grooming regimen.

These mirrors can also be used as a source of light. For example, LED mirrors can offer primary illumination in tiny bathrooms, secondary lighting in larger spaces, and mood lighting in bedrooms.

Aesthetic Functions

Backlit and LED mirrors are stunning, and they can give any area a modern, sophisticated vibe. Illuminated mirrors are an absolute must-have in any bathroom or vanity corner in need of a design makeover due to their elegant appearance. In addition, both mirrors help to create the illusion of a larger, brighter environment, which makes them excellent for smaller settings.

Difference Between Backlit and Lighted Mirrors

Difference Between Backlit and Lighted Mirrors

The fundamental distinction between backlit and lighted mirrors is the location of their LED lights. They may also differ in design and look; because of this fundamental difference, one form of the LED lit mirror is more portable and versatile than the other.

 A backlit mirror is a form of a lighted mirror in the technical sense; the lights in backlit mirrors are situated behind them.

On the other hand, the term lighted mirror usually refers to an illuminated mirror with LED lights that shine from the front rather than the back. 

Following are the main distinction between these two lit mirrors:

Appearance and Design

Because of the differences in LED arrangement, backlit and lighted mirrors have different designs and appearances. You can see the glow of light emanating from behind the mirror with backlit mirrors. And to create a complete backlit impression, backlit mirrors are always hung on a wall.

A section of the top, bottom, left, and right edges of some backlit mirrors are additionally etched or stripped of the reflecting coating and instead frosted over. As a result, they create a well-defined border around the mirror's edges, and when light flows through the frosted border of the mirror, it provides a front-lit appearance.

On the other hand, lighted mirrors are always illuminated from the front. The lights in certain lit mirror types are built around the mirror's base. As with backlit models, we say within, not around. The mirror surfaces also have etchings allowing the light to pass through where the lights are located within the base.

Other illuminated variants have their lights positioned right around the mirror's borders, effectively framing the mirror from the front and shining light straight onto your face.

Versatility and Portability

Backlit mirrors are not portable since they must be mounted to a wall for the backlit effect to work. On the other hand, lighted mirrors don’t necessarily need to be mounted on walls. While lighted mirrors look great on a wall, they've also been created to be smaller, more compact, and function independently of the wall.

Several battery-operated lit mirror types are also available. These are commonly referred to as Lighted Vanity Mirrors since they are designed to be placed on your vanity and aid in the application of cosmetics. Some rechargeable portable LED mirrors can even be folded, making them ideal for travel.

A Backlit Mirror or a Lighted Mirror: Which Is Better?

A Backlit Mirror or a Lighted Mirror: Which Is Better?

Because of the similarities and differences between a backlit mirror and a lighted mirror, one type is better suited to particular settings than the other. 

When is it Better to Use a Backlit Mirror?

Because of the placement of the lights, backlit mirrors offer a dazzling and sophisticated appearance. The glow behind these mirrors beautifully frames them, creating a refined ambiance with an attractive appeal. Backlit mirrors also give the impression of floating away from the wall behind them, which is impossible to create with front-lit mirrors.

If you want this look in your bathroom, bedroom, or any other area in your house that may use an illuminated mirror, a backlit mirror is a way to go.

What is a Backlit Mirror?

The backlit mirror’s bulbs are hidden behind the mirrors. The same light then shines through the glass's intricately engraved shapes. Compared to other mirrors, the backlit nature of these mirrors allows for a more excellent selection of illumination designs. This enables one-of-a-kind designs and styles that will set your bathroom apart. In addition, LED backlit mirrors give off a soft, pleasant glow that creates a soothing atmosphere in any bathroom. When it comes to shaving or doing make-up, it's the ideal illumination source.

When a Lighted Mirror is More Beneficial

If you want a makeup mirror that you can keep on your desk or take with you on vacation, a smaller mirror with a front-lit design is preferable. Portable lit beauty mirrors are incredibly adaptable, as they may be used as a desk lamp, night light, and ring light for selfies, vlogs, and video chats.

Both types of mirrors may make applying cosmetics or simply appreciating your appearance a lot more enjoyable. Different varieties of lit mirrors, we believe, exist because varied people have other wants and preferences. This is why we recommend that you look into all of your alternatives to discover which models would be best for you.

What is a Lighted Mirror?

For a modern look, lighted mirrors combine lighting and mirror in one. They are available in various styles, making them suitable for every bathroom. Lighted mirrors not only enhance the visual value of your bathroom but also make it more practical and convenient. Various features, such as Bluetooth speakers, customizable lights, and even built-in televisions, are available in lit mirrors. These mirrors are functional, convenient, and beautiful, and they are suitable for all sorts of bathrooms.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Backlit Mirror?

Backlit mirrors have numerous advantages. Backlit mirrors provide visual value to the space, but they also help set the mood. They offer a fantastic source of light, especially for applying cosmetics. Backlit mirrors are also cost-effective and straightforward to set up. The delicate lights that emanate from the mirror's outline make it stand out and protrude from the wall. It adds depth to the bathroom, making it more dramatic and intriguing.

The following are the benefits of having a backlit mirror:


Backlit mirrors may give your bathroom a clean and ordered appearance. However, in bathrooms with low ceilings, hanging lights over the mirror can take up a lot of room. Choose backlit mirrors if you want the same amount of light but don't want something hanging from the ceiling.

A  Good Light Source

Another advantage of using a backlit mirror is that it serves as a good illumination source. The lights will not cast shadows on you because they are at the back. Because you can see yourself clearly without any shadows, this is perfect for doing cosmetics, straightening your hair, or shaving.


LED lights, rather than incandescent lights, are used in most backlit mirrors. As a result, you may rest assured that the mirror will consume less energy and last a long time. As a result, you may be able to save money on your utility expenses.

Installation is Simpler

Installation is Simpler

Backlit mirrors are simple to set up. They can easily be hung over your vanity cabinet. However, large mirrors that take up a lot of wall space may necessitate professional installation. This is due to the mirror's weight and the requirement to anchor it to the wall.


Backlit mirrors in the bathroom create a soothing and spa-like atmosphere. For example, you can use the lights from the mirror instead of lighting candles while taking a bath.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Lighted Mirror?

In restrooms where there isn't enough natural light, lighted mirrors can help. This is especially true in bathrooms that are not connected to the outside world and do not have any windows. Some are even constructed with lights on the top to provide a bright glow across a large region. While not everyone requires a lit mirror, they have several advantages in the bathroom.

The following are the benefits of having a lighted mirror:

The Lighting is Excellent

Install lit mirrors to make your regular bathroom routine easier. For example, in a dark bathroom, high-quality LED mirrors can give enough light to make shaving and applying make-up easier.

Style and Design

Another benefit of a lit mirror is that it can improve the aesthetics of your bathroom. There are numerous designs and kinds of lit mirrors to pick from, making it simple to find one that complements your bathroom's decor. You can even go with a design that makes the mirror the focal point of your bathroom.



You may choose from various options when it comes to lighted mirrors. Timed illumination, colored lighting, Bluetooth, and the ability to play music are just a few of the features.


Installing an illuminated mirror might raise the value of your home if you want to sell it. The worth of your bathroom will rise dramatically due to such minor changes. It can increase the value of your house by hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Saving Energy

High-quality LED-lit lighted mirrors can help you save money on your energy expenses. It may also provide a usage time of around 50,000 hours, which is nearly ten years of continuous use. In addition, LED lit mirrors have a long lifespan and are incredibly sturdy.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Lighted Mirrors

Lighted mirrors, like many other items, offer advantages and disadvantages. The following are the pros and cons of lighted mirrors:


Lighted mirrors may add value to your home by giving it a modern, practical appeal. This mirror also contains LED lights, which use less energy than regular light bulbs and help you save money on your utility bills. Furthermore, because light streams in from all sides of the mirror, you will have a good view of your image with no shadows. A lit mirror is ideal for doing make-up since it provides ample illumination. Some of them contain dimmable lights that you can adjust to get the perfect lighting for your needs.


Backlit mirrors have certain drawbacks as well. For example, if you do not adequately inspect the mirror's light quality before acquiring it, you may discover afterward that it generates an unpleasant lighting environment in your bathroom. And it can be tough to replace the light after you've set up the mirror. Furthermore, when you try to save your modifications, the sensors occasionally report a malfunction. To avoid these problems, make sure to inspect the mirror carefully before purchasing.

Is it Beneficial to Use Backlit Mirrors?

Is it Beneficial to Use Backlit Mirrors?

Backlit mirrors are an excellent choice for your bathroom because the lights are hidden behind the mirrors, creating a soft and beneficial glow. Compared to ordinary light bulbs, LED-backlit mirrors save energy and last longer. Backlit mirrors also have additional functions that make them more functional and convenient. Some even feature speakers and Bluetooth music players.

Is There Enough Light in Backlit Mirrors?

Backlit mirrors provide enough light to allow you to view your reflection. The lighting is also balanced, which means that all of your facial features are evenly lit. In addition, backlit mirrors provide soothing, not harsh, lighting that does not cast unpleasant shadows on your face.

Are Makeup Mirrors with Backlights Beneficial?

Mirrors with backlighting are ideal for applying cosmetics. Backlit mirrors provide adequate and even illumination, but they also generate a radiance similar to that of natural light. This warm white light is perfect for applying makeup and presenting yourself in the best light possible. 

We've also created an essay regarding backlit mirrors and whether or not they're beneficial for makeup. You can read it for a more in-depth examination of the subject.

Is Investing in Lighted Bathroom Mirrors Worth It?

LED Bathroom mirrors are well worth the investment. LED lights are used in the mirrors, which are long-lasting and sturdy. In addition, they provide illumination in the bathroom, making your daily tasks easier.

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