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Translation missing: en.collections.general.collection_label: LED Area Light Fixtures

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60 products

About LED Area Light Fixtures

Secure your area with the eco-friendly LED Area Light Fixtures and enjoy long-lasting peace of mind. Area lightings are fixtures that are used for lighting up large areas which are also used as outdoor security lighting. 

Giving you a sense of peace, these lighting fixtures are perfect for placement in places where high-power illumination is needed. Coming in various shapes and sizes, these lights brighten up the space they are installed in. Area lighting are most often found in parking lots, walkways, neighborhoods, and grounds.  

LED area lighting is a crucial part of society today where the outdoors is not an unsafe and solitary place anymore. Forming the bedrock of modern culture, outdoors has become synonymous with strength and independence. Therefore with such importance, lights in those areas must also be up to the mark. 

Since lighting up an area is not an easy task we have come up with this helpful guide to take you through the bright world of LED area lighting fixtures.

Types of area lighting

Coming in different shapes, sizes, and wattages, LED area lighting fixtures have multiple options to choose from. Ranging from 12W to 600W these area lights serve every big or small need and fit every big and small pocket. 

Here are various types of LED area lights

  • LED Corn Bulbs: Providing 360 degrees area lighting, LED corn bulbs are a modern lighting fixture that beautifies the place they are installed in. Ideal for installation in gardens, walkways, and parks, LED corn bulbs are perfect area lighting fixtures. 

  • LED Floodlights: Ideal for large spaces such as stadiums and arenas, LED flood lights the desired place with light. Flood lights come in multiple wattages and two different mounting options which are knuckle mount and flood mount. Floodlights. Floodlights can also be used to highlight parts of a building or the building itself.   

  • LED flood lights are also available with a solar panel which completely reduces your utility bills to zero. 

  • LED Pole Lights: Best for outdoor security lighting, LED pole lights are the preferred name for any street lighting or yard lighting needs. Pole lights come with a dusk-to-dawn feature which enables the light to automatically operate without any human intervention. The light switches on at sunset and automatically switches back off at sunrise. 

  • LED Wall Packs: Best for indoor and outdoor use, LED wall packs are great lighting fixtures that can be used in extreme weather conditions as well because of their IP rating.  LED wall packs are the solution to your minute lighting needs when flood lights and pole lights prove to be too extreme an option.  

  • Advantages of LED area lighting

  • Energy-efficiency: LED area lights are highly energy-efficient and convert up to 95% of the electricity consumed into light which means that only 5% of the electricity is wasted as heat which is managed by the internal heat dissipation system of these fixtures. 

  • Long-lasting: LED area lighting fixtures are highly long-lasting and last for more than 50,000 hours which means that once you install these fixtures you won’t have to worry about a replacement for a minimum of 5.7 years. 

  • High CRI: LED area lightings have a very high color rendering index which means that these lights render colors that are accurate in comparison to an ideal light source such as daylight. 

  • Eco-friendly:  LED area lightings are eco-friendly because of their higher efficiency. This results in the product demanding less electricity from the grid thus reducing the carbon footprint of the planet. 


    Q: What are LED Area Light Fixtures primarily used for in the U.S.? 
    A: LED Area Light Fixtures are commonly used in the U.S. to illuminate outdoor spaces such as parking lots, walkways, building exteriors, sports arenas, and parks. They provide bright, consistent lighting while consuming less energy than traditional fixtures.

    Q: How energy-efficient are LED Area Light Fixtures compared to traditional lighting?
    A: LED Area Light Fixtures typically consume 50-90% less energy than their incandescent or halogen counterparts. This translates to significant energy savings, especially in settings where lights are kept on for extended periods.  

    Q: Are LED Area Light Fixtures suitable for harsh weather conditions?
    A: Absolutely! Many LED Area Light Fixtures sold in the U.S. are built to withstand various weather conditions including rain, snow, and extreme temperatures. Always check the fixture's IP rating and other certifications to ensure it meets your needs. 

    Q9: Are there different color temperatures available for LED Area Light Fixtures?
    A9: Yes, LED Area Light Fixtures come in a range of color temperatures from warm (yellowish) to cool (blueish) light, allowing you to choose the desired ambiance and visibility level for your space.