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Collection: LED Exit Signs - Battery Powered Exit Signs

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About LED Exit Signs - Battery Powered Exit Signs

An LED exit sign is a device generally installed to show the exit way through the darkroom or during an emergency situation. It's usually installed in commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, seminar halls, cinema theatres, and many other places. Generally, emergency exit light is lit up by light inside it which has a wattage range from 1 to 10 watt. Earlier incandescent and fluorescent lights were used inside emergency exit light but with the invent of LED, now most of the exit sign prefer LED due to its practical advantages such as compact in size, consume lesser energy and have a longer life. 

During an emergency situation, the biggest challenge of any commercial building is a power cut off. Keeping this in mind, all our emergency exit light consists of battery backup. Moreover, smoke is one more enemy during any fire breakouts. Our LED exit sign is design in such a way that it provides maximum visibility and relative brightness in such conditions. All our exit sign with stand remarkably higher temperature due to its superior build up quality.

Types of LED Exit Sign:

Exit sign (Side and Ceiling Mount) 

These light are a classic type of exit sign consists of 1 to 4 watt LED bulb inside it. This light glow alphabetic "EXIT" sign with directional arrows on both sides. Available in Red and Green shades it has 90-minute battery backup and fire-resistant property. 

Emergency Exit Light Combo  

The features of emergency light coupled with exit sign to form emergency exit light combo. With a battery backup of about 90 minutes this light available in Red and Green shades. It can be installed on wall or ceiling and generally used in a low dim light area. 

Edge Lit Exit Sign 

The edge lit LED exit sign is a type of ceiling mount exit sign which is applicable for double-sided vision. This is achieved by its injection-molded transparent glass panel. It is ideal for or architectural application providing superior appearance with flexible installation.